Decorations and Campaign Medals Australia


The Decorations and Campaign Medals in this Collection have been awarded to Australians for Bravery and Service in various theatres of war since 1860. This collection is a proud remembrance and reminder of our Australian heritage and history.

The medals portrayed in this presentation have been minted and cast, from original and actual awards for gallantry and service, and are faithful reproduced in every detail, encompassing the true size and depth of each medal.

Beneath each medal is inscribed, the specific significance of the award, the campaign relevance and the year in which the award was instituted.

All of the impressive pieces contained in The Collection are handsomely displayed in the finest timber and gilt inner edged moulded frames which measures 88cm x 114cm, and is the product of skilled and traditional handcraftsmanship. Sheltered and protected under perspex, each individual medal has been meticulously affixed and aligned to a black background to embellished the richness of metal and enamels, and to highlight the elegance of each distinctive ribbon.

This Collection is available for only: $2550.00 + Freight : please email Medals of Service re freight charges.

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