Australian Prisoner of War Medal Miniature

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Unofficial Australian Ex Prisoner of War Medal. This Medal is silver in colour and hangs from a ribbon with vertical green, grey, light blue, red, navy blue and yellow stripes. The green is representative of the jungle and the yellow of the desert. The suspender has the words ‘PRISONER OF WAR’ embossed on it and a representation of a length of barbed wire along the bottom. The medal itself is in the shape of a cross with a large circular center and wide arms. The four arms curve outward from the center and have convex ends, giving the medal a circular apperance. On each of the arms is a crest of one of the branches of service; The Royal Australian Navy, The Australian Army, The Royal Australian Air Force and also the Royal Australian Army Nursing Corps. In the center is an enameled disc which contains a green representation of Australia on a white background.

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Unmounted ~ includes 15cm loose ribbon, Swing Mounted ~ includes medal bar, Court Mounted ~ includes medal bar


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