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Air Force 40th Anniversary Ubon Medal: Struck by Royal Assent of the King of
Thailand, commencing in 2008, the Ubon Medal was made available to Royal
Australian Air Force personnel based at RAAF Base Ubon. In 1962 Thailand, a
member of the South East Asia Treaty Organisation requested the SEATO
nations for military assistance to help defend Thailand in case of any
attack from North Viet Nam troop movements along its northern borders.

As of 31 May 1962 to 1968 (to honour Australia’s commitment to the SEATO)
the RAAF committed a contingent of 250 personnel, and provided a support
squadron of eight CAC Sabre aircraft to be sent to Ubon, Thailand to patrol
the Thai/Laos border area, assisting Thailand in defending against communist
insurgents and terrorists from neighbouring countries to the east. The medal
is nickel plated, featuring the national emblem of Thailand on the obverse
and “Royal Australian Air Force, 1962-1968,” and “40th Anniversary Ubon
Service with Royal Assent” on the reverse. The red, white and blue ribbon
represents the flag of Thailand.

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