An Anzac Day Perspective

We see them each Anzac Day in diminishing numbers, proudly parading with their medals pinned to their jackets. It does not matter to some of them nor to the casual bystander that strict protocol may not always be observed, nor does it matter that some of these medals are not officially sanctioned.

These eminent Australians are wearing tokens that mark their service and their deeds. They do not glory in themselves nor romanticise war, but to examine each specific medal worn by them is to begin to understand them for their experiences. Whatever their circumstances, whatever their stated reasonings, there was a common binding loyalty and undying belief in Australia and the life Australia represents to all o f us. A whole generation of people striving for the right to exist the way we choose. This is what ANZAC DAY should represent to all of us too young, and to priveleged to have known these times.